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As essential services companies continue their operations in order to supply our daily needs, part of our team will be available to answer your call in the case of an emergency:

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Protection list
REMBE® ERO explosion vent

Related economic sectors

Mining industry
Paper and cardboard

For low to medium pressure and alternating pressure

Specially developed for production plants with strict hygiene requirements, REMBE® ensures increased safety + cleanliness with the ERO explosion vent.

The ERO sanitary vent panel is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry in a broad range of system areas. The smooth and closed stainless steel membrane which faces the process, optimally seals the vessel and enables sterilization of the vent panel while still installed. The hygienic and robust design enables a reliable response, even at the lowest burst pressures. The working pressure is at 75% of the minimum burst pressure.

Product specifications

  • The only vent panel with USDA approval.
  • Easy and safe to maintain sterile through the special design of the ERO.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance effort.
In case of a sudden pressure increase, the ERO vent panel will open and release the pressure from the vessel.
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