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Élévateur à godets - Bucket elevators

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Mining industry

Efficient vertical material transport

The bucket elevator is the answer to the needs of companies for the upward transport of bulk solids Ideal for the elevation of grain and other cereals, fertilizers, sand and other materials, the bucket elevator manufactured by our subsidiary P.C. Machineries ensures the performance that you require in your daily operations.

All the parts of our bucket elevators are made of robust materials such as galvanized steel which is very corrosion resistant.  The various features of our elevators include, amongst others: a choice of bucket widths, self-cleaning boots, a hydraulic pneumatic mechanism, a service platform and security ladders. Vents are also provided to ensure proper protection in the event of an explosion.

Product specifications

  • Complete range of bucket elevators to meet your requirements
  • Robust construction using high quality materials
Basic features
  • Centrifugal or continuous bucket elevators
  • Capacity from 200 ft3/hr to 15,000 ft3/hr
  • Made of black , galvanized or stainless steel
  • Distributors
  • Service nacelles
  • Gateways
  • Ladders and guards
  • Assorted ducting
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