Develop versatile and adaptable systems

In the paper and paperboard industry, the material comes in an infinite number of thicknesses, textures, colors and other characteristics. Companies operating in this industry must continually adapt to the challenges of processing materials which are constantly changing.

Concept-air is in a position to set up complex particle transport and aspiration systems to automate the processing of certain materials in accordance with changing requirements.

Our expertise is a major asset for any company wanting to automate its processes and get better use of paperboards and papers within optimal deadlines.

Case Study in the Paper and Paperboard Industry

Automate processes and treat material in accordance with changing requirements.

A manufacturer of cardboard boxes for food packaging wanted a dust collector that could aspirate the trimmings from the cutting of boxes from large sheets of cardboard.

The challenge :

  • Provide the plant with a dust collector powerful enough to aspirate large cardboard scraps.
  • Propose a way to route the waste to various treatment stations according to the type of cardboard.

The solution :

Concept-air proposed the installation of a filtered cyclone dust collector powerful enough to aspirate large pieces of cardboard which is then reduced to smaller pieces by a very efficient chopper fan.

We also proposed a duct network with a fully controlled directional routing system using a panel designed by our Novaelectrik subsidiary. This highly efficient system automatically directs paper and cardboard scraps to stations that are determined according to requirements.

Benefits :

  • A versatile material handling system that adapts to changing daily requirements;
  • Maximum processing of paper and cardboard within tight time limits;
  • A high-performance system capable of aspirating cardboard and paper scraps, whatever their size and type.
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