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Panneau de contrôle - Electric Control panel

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Perfect control of your industrial dust collectors

The electrical control panel that accompanies an industrial aspiration system not only allows the machinery to operate, it also ensures its optimal performance. At every step from design through fabrication, installation and operational testing, Nova-tech, a division of Concept-air, applies its cutting-edge knowledge of dust collectors to the production processes of its customers.
Models that we offer include :

  • Power and control panels;
  • Custom designed control panels with sophisticated applications: flow and power controllers, production method optimization, energy saving, etc.

We are able to incorporate features that will allow you to better monitor your company’s operations:

  • Temperature, humidity and air quality controls;
  • Power calibration;
  • Performance monitoring;
  • Abnormal signals: overload, overheating, etc.

Product specifications

  • In-depth knowledge of the industrial aspiration sector
  • Detailed analysis of your factory’s processes plus optimizing solutions
  • CSA Certification
  • Close collaboration with the Concept-air team
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