Designing equipment of exceptional durability

The concrete and rock crushing industry requires the installation of very robust equipment. The particles given off are highly abrasive. Their rapid circulation inside the pipes causes many shocks accelerating the wear and tear of the equipment.

Concept-air designs reinforced equipment developed for the treatment of abrasive particles such as concrete and crushed rock. Our engineers find the right solution for every situation, even when there doesn’t seem to be one.

Case study in the concrete sector

Increasing the equipment’s resistance

A rock crushing company needed a highly resistant dust collector and a piping system capable of withstanding the impact and abrasion caused by the circulation of particles of different sizes.

The challenge:

  • Design durable equipment capable of withstanding the processing of abrasive particles, endure shocks and resist premature pipe wear.

The solution:

Concept-air’s engineering team proposed reinforced piping to accommodate highly abrasive rocks of various sizes moving at high speed. From the design of the piping network to its installation, nothing was left to chance. Our team carefully developed the entire system to provide the customer with the utmost in solid equipment.

The observation and study of the rock transformation processes in place at this quarry allowed us to propose and design equipment with several capture points and reinforcement in areas likely to wear out more rapidly.


  • Reduced maintenance and repair costs with enhanced equipment;
  • Maximum performance over a longer period;
  • Increased productivity.
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