Transport materials efficiently

Agricultural companies use conveyors and other specialized systems to transport their raw materials. When inefficient equipment is used, the whole business loses productivity.

At Concept-air, we offer the design, manufacture and installation of a complete range of material handling products for the agricultural and industrial sectors. With the help of experts from our subsidiary, P.C. Machineries, we offer fast, customized solutions designed by bulk handling specialists. Providing you with top quality products that will allow you to manipulate the material without damaging it is our priority.

Agricultural sector case study

When time and reliability count

The overall productivity of an agricultural enterprise was greatly diminished by a conveyor that did not provide the required transfer volume. The inefficient conveyor caused a bottleneck and the production capacity of the business was affected.

The challenge:

  • Modify the equipment so that it attains the required production volume in the allotted space and time.
  • Ensure that the improvement is maintained.

The solution :

After a careful study, of our subsidiary P.C. Machineries’ team of experts proposed to modify the conveyor’s loading point so that the grain engages well and is loaded in an optimal manner.

In order to increase the conveyor’s efficiency and eliminate the bottleneck, we also proposed a modification to the conveyor and its entire sloping portion was modified to improve the retention of transported materials.


  • Production goal achieved and exceeded;
  • Stable production with outstanding reliability;
  • Mechanism safety ensured.
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