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Mining industry

A versatile and powerful dust collector

The cartridge-type dust collector is without a doubt the most compact and versatile dust collector manufactured by Concept-air. Just as robust as our other types of dust collectors, it is designed for outdoor use. However, due to its smaller dimensions, it can also be installed inside.

Its superior filtration capacity distinguishes it and gives it great power. Equipped with a compressed air cleaning system, the cartridge dust collector filters very fine particles in moderate concentration. Its outstanding efficiency is also recognized for its ability to collect and filter very fine particles such as smoke.

Product specifications

  • Filtration of very fine particles such as smoke and dust
  • Economical and robust
  • Compact, low footprint equipment
  • Vacuum system allowing recirculation of air
Basic features
  • Mild steel construction
  • Thermal detector
  • Access door
  • Recovery container
  • Cleaning by compressed air jet
  • Always square or rectangular shaped
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Anti-abrasion coating
  • Ladder and platform
  • Mobile dust collector
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