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Ventilateurs industriels - Industrial fan

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High performance main components designed by Concept-air

The industrial fan is the heart of any particule vacuum system. As the main component, it encounters several challenges, such as the suction of dry, fibrous, moist and abrasive particles, heating or cooling of the air and even the shredding of certain materials.

At Concept-air, we design the most robust centrifugal and axial fans on the market. All our industrial fans are completely designed and manufactured in our own factory to offer you a range of products of the highest performance and quality, the like of which you will not find elsewhere.

Centrifugal fan / axial fan

Concept-air manufactures and installs two types of industrial fans: centrifugal and axial. The axial fan is installed in the ducting and always operates in clean air. The centrifugal fan is a separate equipment that has both an input and an output. More powerful than the axial fan, it builds is air pressure in a spiral. Its propellers work equally well in both clean and dirty air.

Product specifications

  • 100% manufactured in our facilities
  • Rapid manufacturing and delivery
  • Very robust construction, of unparalleled quality
  • Silent and stable for outstanding continuous operation
  • Lower rotation speed for the same performance
  • Low maintenance requirements
Basic features
  • Static and dynamic balancing done in our own facilitiies
  • Spark proof
  • Constructed for high temperature use
  • Made of hardened steel or aluminum
  • Hydraulic or internal combustion engine
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