Product list
Chambre de sédimentation - Sedimentation chamber

Related economic sectors

Mining industry
Paper and cardboard

High performance aspiration under extreme conditions

The sedimentation chamber is a dust collector that does not employ an easy to maintain bag. Without filtration, it uses particle separation by ascending velocity. The sedimentation chamber is a very robust equipment that is exceptionally efficient under demanding and sometimes extreme conditions.

Its exceptional resistance makes the sedimentation chamber the equipment of choice for the suction of highly abrasive products. Effective at very high temperatures, the sedimentation chamber can also serve as a spark arrester preventing the sparks from travelling further.

Product specifications

  • Separation of products of different size or density such as paper with glass or mineral particles
  • High performance suction of heavy and abrasive particles
  • No filter media for easy and minimal maintenance
  • No cleaning downtime
  • Acts as a spark arrester system
  • Fast and easy installation
Basic features
  • Mild steel construction with wear plate
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Anti-abrasion coating
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