Developing know-how for extreme cases

Concept-air has developed an in-depth understanding of the operation of foundry furnaces and the challenges imposed by the high material temperatures encountered. A powerful dust collector for the foundry industry must respond effectively to the specific needs of these companies.

Abrasive materials, extremely high temperatures, heavy and very fine dusts, smoke emission. All of these elements place significant demands on a foundry’s particle extraction and ventilation equipment. Concept-Air is capable of meeting the requirements of this type of industry by manufacturing robust and durable dust collectors.

Case Study in the Foundry Sector

Installation of heavy equipment with a very short downtime

A foundry carrying out the fusion of different materials was looking for high performance equipment able to filter very fine heavy dust and smoke.

The challenge:

  • Install a square bag dust collector in a high traffic area in a very short period of time.
  • Provide the foundry with high filtration capacity equipment and provide a solution to limit the rapid wear of bags due to high temperatures and sparking.

The solution:

The installation of a square-bag dust collector with compressed-air cleaning was found to be the appropriate solution for ensuring the efficient capture of smoke and fine particles.

Concept-air also proposed the addition of a spark arrestor system in order to limit the premature wear of the bags. In addition to increasing the life of the bags, the spark extinguishing system reduced the risk of fire and explosion.


  • Reduced bag replacement costs;
  • Increased fine particle and smoke filtration capacity;
  • Improved on-site safety due to reduction of fire risks by the elimination of sparks reaching the dust collector.
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