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The Rotary valve : a « must have » product

The rotary valve, also known as a rotary, provides two essential and precise functions: control of particle flow and sealing between two different pressures. The rotary valve regulates the flow rate by its rotational speed which is determined according to the volume of the material to be handled. It also ensures a seal between the atmospheric and dust collector pressures.

Manufactured entirely in our own factory, our rotary valves combine robustness, durability and reliability. Easy to maintain, they are designed with 6 or 8 rubber or steel vanes. Rubber vanes are used for low pressure valves, while steel vanes are needed for high pressure valves.

  • Excellent quality /price value
  • Suitable for low pressure systems and dust collectors
  • Concept-air ‘s best selling model, renowned for its reliability
  • Ultra rugged, even under extreme conditions
  • Ideal for collecting abrasive particles

Product specifications

Basic features
  • Mild steel construction
  • Removable and replaceable rubber vanes
  • 6 vane rotor
  • Rotation detector
  • 8 vane rotor for better sealing
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