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Trémis à fond de vis multiples - Multi-screw hopper

Related economic sectors

Mining industry

Minimal maintenance, optimal efficiency

Concept-air multi-screw hoppers are ideal for creating a stockpile. The screws inside the reserve transport the material to an external conveyor. The made-to-measure multiple screw hoppers make it possible to move large volumes of material from the hopper outlet.

Thanks to its robust construction and unequaled reliability, maintenance of the multiple screw bottom hopper is reduced to a minimum. The use of multiple screws with the same hopper ensures easy and controlled material flow for optimum productivity.

Product specifications

  • More robust than other hoppers currently available on the market
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Made to measure using superior quality materials
Basic features
  • Access door
  • Chain and sprocket drive
  • Level sensor
  • Variable speed flow
  • Exit debit metering
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