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Convoyeur à vis Concept-air Screw conveyor

Related economic sectors

Mining industry
Paper and cardboard

For reliable material transport

Concept-air screw conveyors offer a very high degree of performance in the straight-line transportation of material from one point to another. The all-important conveyor screws are custom made in our own factory and our engineers design them so that you to obtain a conveyor which is perfectly adapted to your needs. No additional adapters are required.

Reliable and exceptionally robust, our screw conveyors are particularly suitable for transporting, metering and controlling flow rates and for spreading material. Since the pitch of the screw is variable, you can choose between a fast, slow or variable fast pitch, depending on the requirements of the material to be transported.

Product specifications

  • Exceptional reliability
  • Designed and made to measure
  • Highly specialized design expertise
  • Energy saving
  • Very low leakage
  • Low risk of breakage since no bearings are exposed to dust
  • Low maintenance
Basic features
  • Mild steel construction with the exception of food industry conveyors which are made of stainless steel
  • Freestanding construction without intermediate support (hanger bearing)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Rotation sensor
  • Overload sensor
  • Variable pitch screw
  • Choice of circular or U-shaped trough
  • Customized entry
  • Customized exit
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