Separating finely divided materials thanks to high performance equipment

The sorting and valorization of waste are two important aspects of the recycling industry. Concept-air is able to support recycling companies in their mission by offering them efficient equipment that allows them to separate the materials rapidly and efficiently.

Case study in the recycling sector

Sorting metal, plastic and cardboard particles

While some materials are easy to sort, others require in-depth knowledge of the particles and standards governing the release of related waste into the environment. This was the case of a recycling company with a mandate to destroy copper pennies. The company had to recover the metals for re- utilization while complying with current environmental standards.

The challenge :

  • Provide equipment to collect the shredded pieces along with their plastic wrapping and the boxes in which they were stored.
  • Find a way to separate the particles of cardboard, plastic and metal. The metal particles also had to be sorted according to their type of metal.
  • Respect environmental standards for releases into the atmosphere.

The solution :

Due to the power of its centrifugal force, the cyclonic dust collector stood out as the most suitable equipment for this situation. Throughout the design of the device, Concept-air kept in mind the importance of the aspiration of the metal dust which was potentially harmful to the environment.

Benefits :

  • The company increased productivity by relying on a device powerful enough to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Materials are separated as soon as they leave the mill and routed to the correct processing equipment;
  • A faster process allowed the company to meet deadlines and current standards.
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