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Système de transport pneumatique - Pneumatic conveying system

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Systems adapted to your needs

Highly suitable for complicated routing or long spans, pneumatic conveying systems allow bulk material to be transported to remote or more difficult-to- reach locations.

Fabricated entirely by Concept-air, our pneumatic conveying systems are subjected to a high level of quality control. Our engineers and other experts find the right solution for your needs. There are no limits! We design pneumatic conveying systems of all diameters, with flanges or sleeves, welded flanges or dropped edges Every effort is made to meet your company’s requirements.

Concept-air pneumatic conveying systems are especially well-suited to dry or slightly damp granular, material such as wood particles. Our pneumatic conveying systems are available in
both high and low pressure categories.

Offered in 2 categories

  • Transporting large quantities of material
  • Suitable for damp materials
  • Ideal for high tonnages and long distances
  • Suitable for transporting non-abrasive materials
  • Economical for short distances
  • Ideal for complicated routing

Product specifications

  • Tailor-made to satisfy your company’s requirements
  • Manufactured by our experts in our factory
  • Excellent after-sales service
  • Low pressure pneumatic systems also available in closed circuit format to prevent emissions into the atmosphere
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