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Silo d'entreposage industriel - Industrial storage silo

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Mining industry

Industrial silos for efficient material storage

Concept-air’s range of industrial storage silos is perfect for storing all kinds of materials. From cereals to wood particles, rubber, or by-products, industrial storage silos make it possible to measure-out exact quantities in accordance with requirements.

Commonly used to store finished products or materials to be transported, they are also suitable for storing bulk material. Their rugged construction meets current NFPA standards. The development of innovative bulk storage and extraction technologies is a strong point of Concept-air and its team of experts.

Product specifications

  • The silo is closed and waterproof
  • Compact, it takes up little floor space
  • Location outside of confined spaces
  • Allows material extraction measurement
Basic features
  • Available with flat or conical bottom
  • Straight or tapered walls to prevent vaulting of the material
  • Walls strong enough to withstand dynamic loads of extractors
  • Silo designed to prevent implosions
  • Silo complies with current standards, including NFPA standards
  • Extractor manufactured by Laidig, a leader in the field distributed exclusively by Concept-air
  • Closed base
  • Guardrail and anti-explosion door (if required)
  • Regardless of the model, the roof can be designed to support a significant external weight to permit the addition of equipment
  • Available in mild or stainless steel
  • Level measurement
  • Mechanical compartment beneath the silo
  • Access to the roof
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