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Early detection to avoid the worst

The Hansentek Spark Detector is designed to instantaneously detect the smallest sparks or flaming particles traveling in the pipes of a vacuum system before they can reach the dust collector. Hansentek spark detectors are Extremely sensitive and highly efficient. they are optimized for the near infrared.

At Concept-air we strongly recommend Hansentek spark detectors due to their design quality and exceptional efficiency. Our team of experts has the know-how and qualifications to effectively sell, install, check and maintain these detectors. Our expertise is your key to having a high-performance spark detection system to protect you from the risk of fire and explosion.

Product specifications

  • Ultra rapid spark detection
  • Optical sensor highly radiant energy sensitive
  • Easy-to-maintain smooth surface
Basic features
  • Large V response rate - less than 1 millisecond
  • 100 nanowatt sensitivity
  • 100 degree field of view
  • Broad response spectrum
  • Robust design
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